We have been in contact with the construction industry through our products for over 50 years. This long professional background has led us to assume commitment and respect for tradition as reference values, but with a view to the future and the constant search for new products and constructive solutions.

There are countless techniques and procedures for using earth (clay) and lime (limestone subjected to high temperatures) to cover our walls. Earth is the highest hygroscopic performance material we know, within the materials suitable for construction, it has an enormous capacity to absorb and deliver water thus regulating the environmental humidity of our environment.

The resistance to the passage of earth vapor (μ between 5 and 10) is between 10 and 15 times lower than that of cement (μ = 82) and 40 times lower than that of an OSB3 board (μ = 217). The earth provides us with clay, which combined with aggregates, pigments and other additives allows us to create protective, structural or decorative layers. The earthen plaster provides thermal inertia, allows heat to accumulate, also helping to keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. The earth is the best protection against all kinds of electromagnetic radiation and energy systems harmful to humans.


  • Breathable and permeable to water vapor
  • Humidity regulation
  • Absorption of odors and noises
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Easy handling